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Spoken English

Spoken English

  •  Are you at a loss for words while speaking English?
  •  Do you get nervous when given a chance to speak on a public platform?
  •  Is lack of time a major constraint that is stopping you from learning English?
  •  Are you embarrassed to talk to classmates, colleagues due to your poor English-speaking skills?
  •  Do you feel ashamed taking English lessons because of your age?


If the above questions get a 'yes' answer, and you need a dependable English learning partner. Then please visit us.


Our Spoken English course will help you to get ahead in your career, be successful in your studies and be confident in social situations by:

  •  Building your confidence and increasing your fluency      
  •  Developing your listening skills
  •  Improving your pronunciation
  •  Broadening your range of language
  •  Giving you support and access to self-study materials and online practice activities
You will receive individual feedback on your progress from your Trainer during the course.


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 Do you want to Learn English....the right way ?

 Do you want to become Corporate Smart ?


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